Ok! I am not all idle. But I was bored after work. And someone commented on the last post that I continue the ritual. Adequate incentive, I say.

Some non-geek discovered google transliteration...

Big Bang!!
Oh comon, it wasn't a big bang... I didn't even hear it!

Back in Mumbai
Get this status message off please... It's making me sad!

I would have said yes, if you were Olga Kurylenko.

Ok, this person lost his cell some time back... He is allowed to display his number

Rock on rocks bigtime- awesome movie !!!
Hmm... Out of n people online on GTalk right now... You are the only 1 saying so... Not significant at p = 5% (Yeah, I am busy analyzing surveys)

My blog: http://xxxxx.yyyyyyyyy.com
Publicising blogs: It works.

Oh will you please gulp down the rashogulla!

Gypsy in Time Caravan...
Reminds me of Brad Pitt in Snatch!

Ah... I miss Bangalore!

Infinite Crisis! (TM)
I know what you mean!

There's always going to be somebody displaying his phone number when I am going to this!

chhoti ungali pe nachaayegi - small town gal!
Wow, who says that America's got talent? Can any American do this?

This video is a MUST watch!

SSS - Shaastra '08... speechless!
Publicity of Tech Fests / Biz Fests / Cult Fests / Tech-Cult Fests / Cult-Tech Fests / Tech-Biz Fests / Biz Tech Fests will begin on GTalk now...

Don't lie on GTalk status messages, please. I see your red GTalk status indicator. You are busy not away.

Bang Bang Bang
Some decorum in status messages, please!

is just waiting, waiting and waiting...
Don't worry... weekend is just two days away! I am enjoying mine as I write this, BTW.

Someone's sad. Wish I can cheer you up.

Someone publicising his/her blog... I am gonna do that once I am done with this one.

xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx
Something in devanagari... Too ist-ic for me… Best no commented about.

I'm not here right now
Oh, please

It's important to know who you can live with. But it's absolutely essential to know who you can't live without.
Never-ending love… ah, it's like a dream!

Couple of videos from IIMB...

Some junior is back after the term break. I didn't get a term break last year! I want a term break!

geography is history...
Oh no... geography is geography; history is history; A is A

Ok, the indicator was orange... factual...

confused to be confused!
Hmm… uh… confused to be confused… *rolling my eyes*… I am confused!

I only understand 11 and 42 and nothing in between...

A momentary flash of reason... http://www.miamiherald.com/living/columnists/dave-barry/story/646851.html | Dubai No. +XXX XX XXXXXXXX
Classic Dave Berry! Enough said! Sure a weird flash of reason…

Stay loose...
I still got on Uh... huh... for this one...

Another feather in the cap for IIMB http://www.eduniversal.com/business-school-ranking/country/india/100
Yeah, this one's by one of my juniors... Wait till reality hits you... All rankings are nothing less than BS :)

The season starts.. The Terminator Chronicles, Fringe and True Blood
Well not interested in the first, never heard about the rest two... Excuse my ignorance...

has a day off, but can't get past sneezing!
Common cold is worst than cancer! May be not but sure feels like hell!

Who let the jatts out
I want to know who managed to hold them!

FIA Sux... Hamilton deserves the 10 points!
Yeah, I agree. Though I don't know zilch about it... means I am a fan of Hamilton... He's gonna be the next Schumacher! Yeah, boo all you Ferrari fans... but he's gonna be!

It happens only in India: http://www.livemint.com/2008/09/09225354/For-this-Haryana-village-the.html
This one's my status message. You gotta read this article. You would be ROTFLYAO.


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Hey AP, really a funny and innovative blogpost. loved to read this one

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