I was bored at work. So typed out GTalk status messages… J italicized are my first thoughts that came to my mind after I read the messages.

This muggu fella has almost found enough time from his slogging at work to put a profound k

How many "knight-outs" does Batman put in a Month?
This person is too busy! He hasn't changed his status message in weeks now. Nice play with words, btw.

and one more week passed
Here is someone like me… has sufficient time to notice that a week has passed by.

You play 2 hrs to die like this
Hmm… played 2hrs... I suppose this person has sufficient time at hand and also access to games…

Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake
Have a heart! And at least don't say this openly. One never knows who the enemy is.

... only fools rush in
This one's like a cryptic message… fools rush in… So? Figure it out…

Power never comes from position, it comes from influence...
I thought power comes from hydroelectricity, thermal, nuclear, wind or solar sources…

"Hello-Hi chhodiye, Jai Mata Di boliye!" - The LabView Einstein of our times
Arbitmax! This person must subscribe to Arbit!

Back in Mumbai
Someone is back to Mumbai… I am waiting to be back…

India is more than a country. It is an idea that must be protected and defended at all costs.
What an idea, Sirji!

Dil Do Kisi Ek Ko, Wo Bhi Kisi Nek Ko-Par jab tak woh nek na mile, propose karte raho har ek ko
This person is obviously desperate. But explicit display of desperation is unlikely to win any takers from opposite sex.

All one should care about is how one is "seen":"being" some one is a passe, it is difficult anyway...
Being and Becoming – I thought those were the only debates… Now, it's Being, Seen and Becoming…

Its not how hard you get hit, its about how much you can take
The missing apostrophes suggest how busy this individual is… And also the fact that the status message hasn't changed in like 3 and a half months now…

I really don't know what this means!

Short, simple, effective… what does it mean anyway?

Please to be suggesting new status message
Heights of outsourcing… so busy that can't think of a new status message…

Its London Baby @ +44 XXXX-XXX-XXX
Someone's reached London!

new number - XXXXX XXXXX
I will not call… even when my company pays for it…


Tarditas et procrastinatio odiosa est---Cicero
Something in Italian I suppose… Nah, I am too lazy to Google…

A couple of dashes… This person is definitely not as busy as the person who put a k… For he has put extra effort of typing a symbol difficult to reach on the keyboard twice… Hmm…

Celebrating Life (@Mumbai – XXXXX XXXXX)
This person has been celebrating life since ages… I don't think the status message has been changed in over two years now… except for trailing changed numbers…

Weekend Ahoy!!!
Somebody is happy that s/he doesn't have to work on weekend… Envy! I will be coming to office over the weekend.

The most commonly used lie: We're just good friends
Hello! You don't have to tell everyone such a closely guarded secret.

Jagjit - Sarakti Jaye Hai
Someone was enjoying melodious songs…

Back in Mumbai XXXXXXXXXX
I miss Mumbai!

Plural… BOWS!

Someone is sick… Take care…

OK… So your status indicator is green and your status message says Away… Liar, Liar!

What to do
I am asking myself the same question!

stay loose...
Uh, huh…

What's the use of happiness? It can't buy you money. -Henny Youngman
Profound… Wish there was a happiness exchange where one could make money out of it?

Chaos (Lambs to the Slaughter - SnakeNet Metal Radio - Home of the Metal Nation (Requests are back)) - Acid Reign
This person must be a total Music Nerd – Observe how detailed the song description is

End of another Term...
Some junior of mine happy at the end of another term at IIMB

Watta song!!!!
Which song????

The world is moving so fast these days that the person who says it can't be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it.
I beg to differ… I say it umpteen million times a day… I have even said… My project can't be done… But nobody interrupted me… Especially nobody who was doing it… From whom I could copy it!

I am gone right now, but I will be back later
Stating the obvious!

It's important to know who you can live with but its absolutely necessary to know who you can't live without
Doesn't this sound like a message by somebody passionately in love? Wait till you get married!

Zindagi ne zindagi bhar gum diye... jitne bhi mausam diye num diye...
Which gum was it? Centerfresh, Boomer, etc. Be happy to get a life-time stock of gum!

Half way around the globe!!!
… you would be in Atlantic Sea!

@Work - leave a message
Someone's busy but doesn't want to stay out of touch with friends… So like a phone recorder… leave a message… Could have been adorned by: You have reached Bruce, Grace and Sam. Please leave your message after the well… message!

... and it's all such a sham too!
Yeah, isn't it? What is being talked about btw?

lost in the depth of emotions forever... god give her happiness
Someone's had a heartbreak… Drink lots of vodka, rum, whiskey… You will start floating around…

Bloomberg publishes Steve Jobs' 17 page obituary. 17 pages!

Is this a new superhero?

It's a womans world
Down with all the "isms"!!

There is no charge for awesomeness!
Somebody still has the Kung-Fu Panda hangover!

It's a new day, it's a new world
Something new has happened in this person's life… ATB!

Ommmmmmm !!!
Status message written with a rashogulla in your mouth?

I miss Bangalore!

Selfishness is not doing what you want, but making others do what you want
Profound. I just hope the work gets done that way… If everybody keeps passing the buck around that way, imagine!

Blog updated with Euro Trip experiences!
Someone's hung over the Euro Trip taken last year!

You ask me no questions and I will tell you no lies
Hmm… so everything this person told me has been a lie! Darn, I should have known…

Somebody's counting periods…

My goal in life is to be as good a person as my dog thinks I already am...
Someone has a rather unique goal in life… ATB… You are lucky to have a goal!

We make a lazy man's dream come true...
This one's my status message… Honest! I get paid without doing anything


naveen said... @ August 29, 2008

Hi AP ...Real good work ..but the first thing that came to my mind when i saw ur blog. is .. U really have got lots of free time at TAS :)...Njoi

PraveenUpadhyaya said... @ August 31, 2008

interesting :)

Yogesh said... @ September 01, 2008

Great comments !!

Anonymous said... @ September 03, 2008

Good stuff. Laughed much at your thoughts on some of them :) Make this a regular feature!

Anonymous said... @ September 11, 2008


"You play 2 hrs to die like this" aoe-2 ka taunt hain. badi jaldi bhuul gaya!!

Daffodils said... @ September 11, 2008

AH! Thankfully my status message was sane! :D

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